rosabelle believe i’m going out to sea i’m going to sleep i’ll see you in my dream with yr skin all pink like peach out to you i will reach rosabelle believe i will call to you again altho i’ve met my end i will breathe into yr hair i will live under yr calm stare i will disappear like rain off asphalt on a summer day rosabelle believe i’ll call out to you again thru mediums i guess rosabelle believe rosabelle believe rosabelle believe…


Salt Works, Bonaire
Photograph by William Goodwin
When evaporation pans at solar salt operations reach a certain level of salinity, halophilic archaebacteria, one of the oldest life-forms on Earth, proliferate, turning the brine pink. Here in these stark environs, pink, white, sky blue, and silence set the mood. Cargill Salt Works, south end of Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.

If someone doesn’t ever try to spend time with you or bails whenever you do try then they aren’t your friend. Cut these people off. They’ll eat away at you.


Goldfish on a motorcycle, Vietnam.

David Hockney

I’m growing my hair back out. Fuck the bullshit.


Jonah, Alpine

Andrea Torres Balaguer
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